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“Dilettantism raised to the level of sociopathy”


I think this comment from Paul inspired by Michelle Goldberg’s excellent Kushner column is worth highlighting:

Goldberg’s line about Kushner — “dilettantism raised to the level of sociopathy” — applies to countless people in and around the administration.

Is it any less apt when applied to Richard Epstein or Larry Kudlow or so many others? And of course it’s most applicable of all to Donald Trump himself: a man with no competence in any field other than grifting, who nevertheless believes himself to be someone of unparalleled talents.

We are now a banana republic, and nothing illustrates that better than putting the caudillo’s worthless son in law in charge of the most important issue facing the nation.

A party committed to the idea that self-serving bullshit should replace knowledge and expertise is in power at the worst possible time. That they’re going to try to make penny-ante nepotism involving Hunter Biden a campaign-defining scandal is just the chef’s kiss on top.

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