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Republicans Are Champing at the Bit to Own the Libs (Again)

We cannot…and I mean…we CANNOT let these people win.
photo courtesy of Ring of Fire Radio

Some people mistakenly believe that Republicans were not engaged and voting in ’18 or at least were not as enthusiastic as during elections past. Untrue. They turned out in droves. It’s just that *we* outnumber them and we voted, uh, harder. It’s worth remembering that when you’re thinking about sitting this one out because containment and eradication of malarkey is not your top issue.

Thank you to Karen for bringing this to my attention. Ignore the source–assuming the statistic are accurate, it should terrify you. (TL;DR? Hundreds of thousands of Republicans went out to vote for Trump…in the Republican primary.) These people have a deep and abiding commitment to their assholery. It won’t matter if we vote, because we outnumber them. But WE HAVE TO VOTE.

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