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Official Super Tuesday Endorsement

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It doesn’t matter and no one cares, but my official Super Tuesday endorsement is for Elizabeth Warren. She is clearly the best candidate for the presidency and that includes all the candidates who have dropped out. It’s not even close. Despite the overheated rhetoric, Bernie and Warren share extremely similar politics and either would be the farther left president in American history. But Warren combines those politiics with a better understanding of the structural issues getting in the way of leftist change and she wants to fight that. Bernie does not, holding onto senatorial prerogatives that make me question his vision. I think there’s no question that she would be far better on appointments, ready to go on Day One, than Bernie. I find Bernie’s judgment in many of his advisors and hires highly questionable on the campaign side, at least. I think there’s no question that Bernie has a far better foreign policy platform, but that’s not enough for me to counter everything else. I think Warren would make an absolutely fantastic president, at least given the very real limitations on her ability to get change done from Congress and the courts.

Also, thread on this:

On the other hand, anyone who would transition from Warren to Biden clearly has no real politics except in terms of personality. It means that you fundamentally stand for nothing in terms of policy or ideas. Biden is a horrifyingly awful candidate, a doddering old man with an addict son that you are going to see Republicans attack for the next 8 months with brutal efficiency that the media will go right along with. There is no Johnny Unbeatable and if there was, it sure as hell wouldn’t be Biden. He can wax all the time about the nostalgia of the good old days when he could hang out with Jennings Randolph’s flaccid penis, and I guess this nostalgia appeals to lots of Democrats, but he stands for nothing except returning us to the politics of 2014, which were quite bad! Electability narratives are complete bullshit and there’s no evidence at all that Bernie, Warren, or Biden would be more or less electable than the other. All these narratives really are is people projecting their own dislike of a candidate on the election as a whole, which the media is of course happy to lead on. It would have been one thing if the Democratic establishment had coalesced around someone competent with energy and a general ability not to demonize Anita Hill or tell lies 5 days ago about getting arrested in South Africa, maybe a Cory Booker or Kamala Harris. But no, their rank incompetence has led us to Biden, which half the Democratic electorate seems to be fine with.

Even if Biden wins in November, he will accomplish absolutely nothing, not even begin to change the conditions in which fascism is rising (which Warren and Bernie may well not do either but at least they see the problem and will try) and then Republicans will win 5 Senate seats and 44 House seats in 2022 before Tom Cotton becomes president in 2024 or 2028. What a vision for the future mainstream Dems have!

In conclusion, my endorsement is 1) Warren, 2) Sanders, 3) Drinking Bleach, 4) Biden, 5) Listening to a Rush album on repeat for a year, 6) Bloomberg.

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