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Idiot Nation (Whatcha Making?)


There’s no toilet paper at my local grocer. Not one roll. Not one. It’s been this way for over a week. Couple of weeks ago there was no chicken. Went to order some on tissue on Amazon and guess what–yeah, people are hoarding toilet paper via the internet. We may be wiping our asses with paper towels soon.

A couple of weeks ago I went to the store for what I hoped would be the last time for the next few weeks. Unfortunately the stupid fucks who run this base won’t allow grocery delivery here. Anyway, during my last trip, I thought about “stocking up,” but immediately dismissed the idea, because it seemed panicky and stupid and selfish. So I just did a normal shopping trip. A week later the store was stripped bare. It scares me that I’m having to weather this crisis with my fellow Americans, who seem to be–to a person– psychotic and supernaturally stupid.

I say all this from a position of pretty considerable privilege. I’m genuinely terrified for people who are less privileged. I don’t trust this president to care for them, to empathize with them or to ease their burdens. It’s truly mind-boggling to me that this monstrous idiot may win a second term.

Got my hands on one package of chicken today. I used half to make some chicken with broccoli in a tarragon-cream sauce. It was delicious. I’m using the other half of the chicken to make chicken and dumplings tomorrow.

Last week, I made homemade pizza crust for the first time. I’m terrified of baking, but I wanted to make a vegetarian meal (because we were about out of proteins), and I wanted to do a little project with my son. So he massaged the dough and we had some pretty darn good pizza.

Anyway, that’s what I’ve made. What are you making? (Extra points for creative use of pantry staples. )

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