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What a shame it is to lose one’s mind


People who were around then will understand the magnitude of the claim I’m about to make, but in the very likely event that Bernie is the Dem nominee Chris Matthews is going to be even nuttier than he was in 2000:

Let’s just calm down a little an enormous amount here, shall we?

Look, it’s been 3 states. I don’t think any candidate who doesn’t want to has to preemptively concede. The ballots have arrived here and if I had the vote I would have already sent in my ballot for Warren. But the fact is that Bernie Sanders is by far the most likely Democratic nominee at this point. 2020 will probably come down to Bernie vs. an utterly unfit white nationalist authoritarian. Whether you think of Bernie as being the political equivalent of a perfectly medium rare Waygu rib-eye or a lukewarm White Castle slider or somewhere in between, if you’re anywhere on the left of the spectrum the choice between that and anthrax remains no choice at all.

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