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Trumpian Aesthetics


Judging from your reactions to my last post many of you had never seen Trump’s various properties’ interiors. He has implausibly terrible taste. I mean, it doesn’t register as real, it registers as something someone would create for an extremely broad caricature of the man.

I’ve long wanted to do a post on what I call “Trumpian Aesthetics,” because Trump’s terrible taste is catching. Look at this photo of a Palm Beach event for Women for Trump. Notice the stodgy, hideous, ornate furniture, the conspicuous displays of wealth. It’s a thing with these people.

And of course, the…aesthetics make their way to the actual persons. There’s a certain *look* to Trump supporters. It’s fascinating. I’m fascinated!

I noticed it when I was watching the video about a young Austin boy who is collecting money for Trump’s wall. What I could see of his house’s interior looked like it was furnished exclusively by Design Toscano. I’m telling you, it’s a thing with these people.

I’ve tried to find more of these kinds of homes, but it’s a weird internet search. How do you find “upper-middle-class Trump voter home interiors?” It doesn’t turn up many helpful results. But, listen, trust me on this. They take their cues from taste-impaired assclowns in inflatable suits like…this guy:

Classiest doin’ it room ever!
Lovely room but awkward when horny tourists mistake it for a honeymoon suite in the Poconos.
Love to play golf in my gold room as one does.
Oh no, it’s transmittable via property, too! Poor Mar A Lago caught Shitty Bordello Disease, too.

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