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The Government’s Official Promotion of Fascist Histories

Settling the Wild West at Wounded Knee

In addition to the government’s emulation of Mussolini’s fascist architectural ideas, it is also staffing agencies to promote officially approved fascist histories. Such as this tweet from the Bureau of Land Management’s feed.

Other than just being really gross, what this tweet is doing is promoting a white settler-dominated history, one that doesn’t just erase Native Americans but fairly openly promotes them as the enemy that was the unknown and the wilderness that needed to be tamed. Of course, this is repeating Trump’s words from the State of the Union address, written no doubt by Stephen Miller and his fascist minions. The BLM is the agency that administers many of our public lands, especially in the West, and has been at the heart of the controversies of land management in the Wets for the last half-century. What the BLM tweeting does is assure right-wing westerners associated with mining, logging, grazing, and oil and gas that the government is openly on their side, not the tribes, not the environmentalists, not the hikers or rafters, not the residents of Denver or Portland or Seattle who use these lands.

This is culture war, pure and simple. And a history of genocide and exploitation is being used as a weapon by the fascist side of that war.

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