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When I was planning this post, I was trying to think of the best way to explain how Milk Street differs from America’s Test Kitchen. What I came up with this: Milk Street is what would happen if ATK removed the stick from its ass and then went on a tour of the world.

I confess I was skeptical about MS when I first started poking the around the site. (Milk Street is a website/magazine/cooking show/several cookbooks.) It looks and feels suspiciously like America’s Test Kitchen‘s offerings. The difference is just that the cooking is gloriously and refreshingly fuss-free and there is a big emphasis on paying homage to cuisines from every corner of the earth. I. LOVE. IT.

I’ve had a 100% success rate with their recipes. I’ve already begun using their St. Louis-style fennel-rosemary ribs recipe as a template and I will say with no compunction whatsoever that their stir-fries are the easiest, quickest, most flavor-packed stir-fries around.

I became Milk Street-curious when belonging to the ATK club became too expensive and unwieldy. They have, like, 50 billion sites, their online membership costs money–in addition to their magazine subscription cost!–and they often sent me year-end compendiums, unsolicited. One of my favorite recipes disappeared from the website for reasons I’m still unclear on. So…enough.

Milk Street is guilty of logging me out of the website too quickly and sending FAR too many emails, but I’ve decided it’s worth it to have access to their print and website recipes/store.

The recipes are sophisticated, not snobby. And they use–unfailingly–ingredients people will find in most chain grocery stores. That’s a big deal.

The last recipe I made a couple of nights ago. I liked it, but hub and son loved it, earning a place in my recipe rotation. It’s a simple sauté of country-style pork ribs and peppers in a simple honey-wine-sage sauce. Try it!

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