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Another Night of Pointless Politainment


Some of you are going to watch the debate. This is a very bad idea. You should not do that. You are not making yourself a good citizen. You are just hurting your own mental health by watching a scripted debate filled with extremely bad questions by our hapless right-wing media and with a result that will change nothing. Moreover, if anything actually does happen, which is unlikely, you can read about it much more quickly. Even watch a video clip if that helps you, though I wouldn’t recommend it. As an example of this, I don’t think I heard Donald Trump’s voice for several months after his election thanks to my refusal to watch anything political. Guess what I missed? Nothing but stress and anger! As for me, I am going to watch Okja tonight. And I will be far happier for it.

But some of you are not going to take my very sound advice and make a vastly worse decision by watching this trash. So I guess you can talk about it here if you want. Meanwhile, I am curious as to how we get to a point where this is a question that gets asked in a presidential poll. And yet, I can’t deny that the fairly significant disparity in the answer is pretty interesting.

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