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A Pre-Iowa Note


As we head into primary season, something important for all factions of the party to keep in mind:

While the proximate cause of Sweeney’s tweet was Nathan Robinson’s rapid shift from giddily celebrating people tweeting snake emojis at Warren to demands that “we” agree to support his candidate before a single vote has been cast, there’s plenty of pointless antagonism of Sanders supporters going on here and elsewhere too. If your top choice is one or the other, as is the case with most people here, remember that you’re going to need plenty of the other’s supporters to win the nomination. (And while Warren supporters hardly have to preemptively concede before Iowa they should also be honest that easily the most likely path of the race at this point is to pretty quickly become a two-person battle between Sanders and Biden.) Having a preference, even a strong preference, is fine, but try to leave the bad faith and the exaggeration of what are differences that ultimately pale to the differences we will be up against in the general at the door.

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