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Caucuses are terrible

Precinct Chairwoman Judy Wittkop explains the rules during a 2008 Democratic caucus in Le Mars, Iowa.

This process is just not remotely defensible:

Talk to Iowans with disabilities and you will hear the same story over and over: a nightmarish experience in 2016, and repeated pleas that bring only vague assurances that 2020 will be better.

The state Democratic and Republican Parties say they have worked hard to make it so. The Democrats have an online form for people to request accommodations by Monday; the Republicans list a phone number, an email address and a Friday deadline. But they have publicized the processes perfunctorily if at all.

Again, the Iowa caucus involves vote suppression contemporary Democrats would not consider defensible in any other context. They make it harder for disabled people to vote. They make it harder for people with caregiving responsibilities or unconventional/inflexible employment schedules to vote. They make it harder for people who aren’t comfortable sharing their views with strangers to vote. There should be no place for this in the Democratic presidential selection process.

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