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Fallout from a wipeout


Well, it appears this hasn’t gone well. I would assume our prescient correspondent in England will have more. A few points:

  • I would have like to be able to run history again with a Labour leader who actually opposed Brexit. That said, it’s unlikely that any positioning could have altered the outcome when the loss is of this magnitude.
  • I don’t agree with a Labour-negotitated Brexit > Remain preference ordering. But even if I did, one really would have to consider the meta-effect of Scotland being alienated from Labour at best and out of the United Kingdom at the (now likely) worse, seeing’s how that pretty much gives the Tories a hammerlock on Parliament.
  • What this tells us about how the 2020 U.S. election will come out or who the Democrats should nominate is…literally nothing. “Corbyn losing badly shows us Bernie/Warren can’t beat Trump” takes are just as dumb as “Corbyn losing but doing better than expected proves Bernie woulda won” takes were. The situations are incommensurate for many reasons.
  • The “candidates I like can only BE failed” takes were inevitable, but I give the Skip Bayless UK Election hawt taek award to the first, “Corbyn lost because his coalition was too broad” one cited here. Everyone else can just fold up their pundit’s fallacies and go home:

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