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The Ballad of Rudy NineEleven


A good summary of the ways in which Rudy can fail:

As a candidate, President Donald Trump boasted that he would hire “the best and most serious people.” But as impeachment bears down on his presidency, a lot of his problems may be because he has hired a very bad lawyer.

That man, of course, is Rudolph Giuliani. 

Trump brought Giuliani—a former federal prosecutor, New York City mayor, and Republican presidential candidate—onto his legal defense team in April 2018, when special counsel Robert Mueller was actively investigating contacts between Russian operatives and the Trump campaign. It’s unclear if Giuliani did any practical legal work related to that investigation, but he was a public face of the president’s defense, active on television, Twitter, and regularly texting back and forth with reporters.

But as recent revelations have made clear, Giuliani also took on a side portfolio: pushing for the ouster of the US ambassador in Ukraine and trying to get Ukraine to launch investigations into former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, as well as into a conspiracy theory about Ukrainian interference in the 2016 elections.

That project has proven a disaster for his client: A lawyer who sets out to defend a president and instead helps create the basis for his impeachment has not been an effective counsel. If that weren’t enough, here are three other ways Giuliani is not helping.

Worth reading the whole thing.

Of course, Rudy representing Trump is overdetermined. A competent attorney would have to be crazy to work for him in any kind of public-facing capacity, and no remotely ethical lawyer would be able to defend his interests as he sees them. So his team is always going to be various degrees of Rudy, granting that it’s hard to actually out-Rudy Rudy.

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