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Lindsey Graham says he won’t do his job


Keep in mind this is the chair of the Senate judiciary committee, and the Senate will almost certainly hold an impeachment trial at some point next year:

This is equivalent to an appellate judge announcing that he’s not going to read any of the record or attend the oral argument in a case because his mind is already made up.

What’s striking here is how Graham’s position combines the assertion that the problem with the impeachment inquiry is that it is violating “due process” in some unspecified way, with an announcement that he himself won’t bother to maintain even the facade of any sort of legal process.

A judge who took this position would either have to resign his office, or would (hopefully) be forcibly removed from it. Instead Graham is illustrating once again that there is no level of open corruption to which Congressional Republicans won’t sink, in their desperate defense of the criminal who plays the ever-changing tunes to which they dance.

. . . Forgot about this one:

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