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DNC spent nearly $100,000 on bulk purchases of Chelsea Clinton’s book to put it on top of NYT best seller list


OK that didn’t actually happen, but if it had it would have been a scandal slightly smaller than Watergate, but definitely bigger than Iran-Contra:

So the RNC is using donor money to buy thousands of copies of Trump’s worthless spawn’s “book.” which helps turn the “book” into a “best seller.” It then turns around and sells the purchased copies of this “book” to donors directly, thus giving Donnie Failson a publicity boost in regard to all these totally legitimate “sales.” Do I have this right?

“We haven’t made a large bulk purchase, but are ordering copies to keep up with demand,” Mike Reed, an R.N.C. spokesman, said two days after the fund-raising email promoting “Triggered” was sent. “Each book is sold to an individual who supports the Republican Party.”

But a financial disclosure form filed to the Federal Election Commission showed that the R.N.C. paid $94,800 to the bookseller chain Books-A-Million on Oct. 29, a week before the book went on sale. Disclosures filed by the R.N.C. indicate that the payment was for “donor mementos.”
When asked about the disclosure on Thursday, Mr. Reed confirmed that the money went toward “Triggered” orders, and added that the party committee made additional purchases in November. “The book has been hugely popular,” he said.

Asked about the discrepancy, since the committee previously said it was only ordering copies as supporters requested them, Mr. Reed said via email: “We stand by our statement.”

This would, no lie, be a huge scandal if Hillary Clinton were president, and Chelsea were the recipient of the DNC’s largess. (Chris Cillizza among many others would certainly have to seek medical attention after four hours).

But in Trumpworld it will be a one-day story, if that, because there are literally dozens of other ongoing Trump scandals of more significance.

The key to understanding how all this works is that none of Trump’s supporters care about any aspect whatsoever of his corruption. That whole shooting a guy on Fifth Avenue joke? It’s not a joke:

An even simpler defense of the president is one being made by Carlson on his Fox News show and by others within the conservative movement, and it actually doesn’t require defending the president at all.
Instead, Republicans are arguing that the entire process is a “distraction.” Moreover, they’re arguing that it doesn’t matter what Trump did or didn’t do because the Senate won’t vote to impeach the president and the average American doesn’t care.

As Townhall.com writer Kurt Schlichter wrote earlier this week, “We’re too busy working, too focused on our 401(k)s going through the roof and on [Trump] flipping circuit courts like a boss, to care about the latest outrage to end all outrages.” I reached out to Schlichter and will update if and when I hear back.

On the November 15 edition of Tucker Carlson Tonight, Carlson argued, “normal people” — “someone with kids and a job and a marriage you care about” — aren’t thinking about impeachment and would rather “the buffoons on TV would stop yapping about Trump 24/7 and talk about something relevant.”

It’s an argument being made by Republicans both inside and outside of the administration. For example, White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham tweeted that instead of impeachment (which was “boring” and a “waste of time”), “Congress should be working on passing USMCA, funding our govt & military, working on reduced drug pricing & so much more.”

This argument seems somewhat self-refuting — after all, tweeting or writing or saying on national television that no one cares about impeachment would imply that someone, somewhere, decidedly does.

But for the GOP, it is perhaps the most revealing. Not of the sentiment of the average American — 70 percent of whom believe Trump’s actions regarding Ukraine were “wrong” — but of the Republicans. Because they are well aware that within a slimmed-down Republican Party that has largely excised his enemies and detractors through retirements and election losses, Trump is the only available lodestar.

And so for them, it doesn’t actually matter what Trump did with regard to Ukrainian military aid: whether he intended to hurt Joe Biden’s presidential hopes, whether he was genuinely concerned about corruption, or whether he did something that constitutes an impeachable offense. Trump is all they’ve got.

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