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Will Elizabeth Warren Embracing Popular Positions on LGBT Rights Doom Her Presidential Aspirations? Views Differ


A Wide Spectrum of people are Concerned that Elizabeth Warren has Gone Too Far:

“It’s insulting,” said Ari Fleischer, the former spokesman to President George W. Bush. “The notion that there is only one thought that is acceptable, and if you don’t hold it there is no one on Earth who should find you attractive, is insulting and demeaning.”

Fleischer said politicians should avoid disparaging those who disagree with them, stressing that he has also criticized Trump when he has insulted opponents.

“You cannot call people to a higher purpose if you yourself are going to sink to a lower one,” he said.

Warren is hardly the first Democrat to be accused by conservatives of being condescending toward white working-class Americans. Candidate Barack Obama angered some voters in 2008 with his description of “bitter” working-class Americans who “cling to guns or religion.”

Hillary Clinton prompted a backlash in 2016 by labeling some of Trump’s supporters “deplorables.” That remark haunted her throughout the campaign and beyond, and some analysts contend that it helped drive up turnout for Trump.

Well, if Ari Fleischer, spokesman for a president who believed that second-class citizenship for LGBT people should be permanently inscribed in the Constitution, thinks Elizabeth Warren has adopted a “lower tone,” I guess it’s case closed!

It somehow gets worse:

“It is about the worth of every human being,” Warren said. “The hatefulness frankly always really shocked me, especially for people of faith, because I think the whole foundation is the worth of every single human being.”

John Ziegler, an anti-Trump conservative, said Warren’s words conveyed no such generosity. Her message and her body language, he said, telegraphed a dislike of men.

Trump voters in places such as the Florida Panhandle and central Pennsylvania, he said, will think, “ ‘Oh my God — this woman hates us.’ ”

“It plays right into the narrative about her, which is that she’s an out-of-touch liberal from Massachusetts, and this whole obsession with wokeness that the Democratic Party has where the white male is under attack,” Ziegler said.

Yes, THAT John Ziegler:

You can’t make this stuff up. At any rate, it’s not 2004 anymore, and even in 2004 the evidence that anti-LGBT mobilization was a big winner was actually pretty weak; I have no idea what the purpose of this kind of article is supposed to be.

While we’re here, Malcolm Gladwell’s Ziegler- influenced Sandusky/Paterno chapter is just as bad as one could have expected. Some casual pop-psych speculation is OK if you’re writing about why people like Heinz ketchup or whatever, but if you’re going to write about serious topics you really need to do actual research and stuff like that there.

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