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Trump Rates His Professional Flunkies


The current state of American politics is that a reactionary propaganda network for bored, angry old people has played a crucial role in electing a president who is a bored, angry old person who continuously watches said reactionary propaganda network. This old person likes to wander off-script at his political rallies to talk about how much he likes the network’s staff of slavering toadies:

At another moment in the speech, Trump was talking up a supportive local Republican member of Congress, but grew bored again and told the audience that the friendly politician in the audience mattered less than the friendly Republican on TV:

I don’t know why, but with all of the great people I just introduced, for tonight, maybe this is the most important person, because I turned on a very good show in the morning. Fox and friends. They treat us great. I just want fairness. What a great group. Ainsley and Steve, and by the way, Brian has gotten a lot better, right?

Brian was a seven, and he’s getting close to 10 territory, and Steve has been so great, and Ainsley’s just incredible.

At this point, rating the Fox News lineup on a 1–10 scale of Trump sycophancy, Trump launched into a long and almost surreal riff running through nearly the entirety of the network’s pro-Trump personalities:

I have to say that based on the evidence of this novel satire in Don DeLillo’s work has gotten a little broad over the years.

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