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What If The Money Used for Vanity Campaigns Was Used For Something Useful


Think Progress, the site that has published and incubated a bunch of high-quality progressive journalists, is being shuttered:

The progressive site ThinkProgress shut down on Friday in yet another sign of how much the news media landscape has changed in the past decade.

The development was not much of a surprise to current or former employees. In July, the Center for American Progress, the progressive think tank behind the editorial venture, put the site up for sale.

In a statement on Friday, the think tank blamed the lack of a buyer on its decision to close the site. The shutdown, which led to the layoffs of a dozen remaining staff members, was first reported by The Daily Beast.

“We are very sad to announce that after more than two months of searching, we have been unable to identify a new publisher for ThinkProgress, and we are left with no choice but to close ThinkProgress as an independent enterprise focused on original reporting,” the statement said.

Did you know that Tom Steyer was on CAP’s board before he began his onanistic primary campaign?

And, needless to say, in addition to good journalism there are countless other things Steyer could be doing with the money he’s setting on fire for a completely useless ego trip. Honestly, given that he has no supporters and almost nobody is even paying attention to him, I don’t even understand what gratification he’s getting out of this, although the rich are different than etc.

Anyway, to summarize, let’s rank how billionaires can use there money for progressive causes:

  1. Literally anything else
  2. Vanity presidential campaigns

[ETA: the screenshot is just to show that Steyer has no support; I didn’t mean to imply that Klobuchar or even Gabbard is a vanity candidate.]

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