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The Fierce Independence (TM) of Maverick (R) Ben Sasse


I’m so old I remember when the nation’s political press was determined to take this fraudulent dipshit seriously:

Sasse refused to vote for Trump in the 2016 general election, comparing him to white supremacist David Duke and announcing that he’d write Mike Pence’s name in on his ballot. Now he says he’ll support the Republican ticket in 2020 and effusively praises the president’s judicial nominations. Last night at 9:23 p.m. Eastern, Trump returned the favor, tweeting that “Ben has my Complete and Total Endorsement!”

“Ben Sasse has done a wonderful job representing the people of Nebraska,” the president wrote. “He is great with our Vets, the Military, and your very important Second Amendment. Strong on Crime and the Border…”

For Sasse, the past several months have represented something akin to surrender in the war for the soul of modern conservatism. More significant than his voting record is the evolution in Sasse’s tone about Trump and his increasingly long periods of silence. He’s gone to apparent pains not to be perceived as a Never Trumper or to become a face of the Republican resistance, mostly by flying below the radar and not speaking out against the president on Fox News. His once prolific personal Twitter account has been dark since May. He rarely engages with reporters seeking comment on the story of the day in the corridors of the Capitol.

For the vast majority of Trump’s erstwhile critics in the GOP. their only real objection to Trump was that they were under the (obviously erroneous) impression that he wouldn’t govern as a Republican reactionary. As soon as it was obvious that these fears were unfounded, anti-Trumpism within the GOP was deader than Nelson Rockefeller. Why the poseurs who ever pretended otherwise were taken seriously I can’t tell you.

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