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I don’t care who you don’t like you don’t have to answer me


Someone has some thoughts about impeachment:

One could point out that this is incoherent. Impeachment is a constitutional remedy; it’s not usurping the electoral process. (There’s also the issue, of course, that the public expressed itself in 2016 but its will was not heeded.) It is true enough that the ballot box will be the only practical way of removing Trump…but then why misinform the public by reifying the common conflation of “impeachment” with “removal”? There is no way in which it makes sense.

But the larger point is — take your vain pomposity and go home. Trump is in office in the first place because you repeatedly violated your department’s rules because you didn’t have the fortitude to withstand criticism from Josh Chaffetz! Your belief that you were an Indispensable Man was tragically wrong. Have some real modesty for once in your life and go away and let actual opponents of Trump and what he represents proceed.

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