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@theRealDonaldTrump is the RealVictim. Again.


Dunnekin Don has spent the better part of the week attacking Jewish Americans with a spew of anti-Semitic comments.

Of course that fuckhead thinks he’s the real victim.

President Trump decided long ago that it would be smart politics for him to yoke his administration to Israel and to try to brand the Democratic Party as anti-Semitic.

Because It’s Always Projection.

I also question the idea that he decided anything would be smart rather than impulsively went with a course of action that he thought seemed good at the time. But anyway.

He set about executing a pro-Israel checklist: moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, recognizing the Golan Heights as part of sovereign Israel, and taking a hard line against Iran. And he promoted himself as the greatest president — a deity even — for Jewish people.

Yet Trump has become flummoxed that Jewish Americans are not in turn lining up to support his reelection, according to people familiar with his thinking, and he has lashed out in predictable fashion.

It’s taken a while, but the GOP has finally put in the White House a person who is ignorant enough to truly believe all the vile dumbshit the Right Wing emits, including Jewish people = Israel and Israel = Jewish people. In my mind the true believer is more dangerous than the con artist because the con artist might cut his losses and fuck off when he thinks people are on to him.

So part of the problem is that in the Adderall-ravaged walnut between his thick ears, the nice things he does for Israel the nation should be appreciated by people who may well trace their roots in this country to long before his draft-dodging grandpa slithered onto the scene, but are nonetheless, somehow, in his mind, not not really from here.

Daniel Shapiro, who served as U.S. ambassador to Israel under President Barack Obama, said Trump’s expectation that Jewish people vote for him because of his record on Israel is “breathtakingly cynical.”

“In his typical buffoonish way, he thinks that by [pushing] out these instructions, essentially, to American Jews to get in line and become his supporters he’s going to be successful,” Shapiro said. “It’s all shaped by his narcissism. It’s all shaped by his transactional nature. It’s all shaped by his insatiable need for praise and confirmation of his greatness and appreciation for the gifts he’s bestowed on whoever it is he’s courting. And it’s not going to fly with this community.

More basically, he’s an abusive POS who wants Jewish Americans to worship him even as he shits on them, and having willed it, it must be so. Don’t they know he’s their king?

And if they won’t worship him, that’s an attack that warrants a violent response.

But the biggest problem is the man is a massive anti-Semite who speaks fluent Canard. He’s an active threat, the right has gone all in on encouraging him and defending him, and people who haven’t embraced hate are left hoping that his words won’t be the impetus for bloodshed.

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