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The Success of the Affordable Care Act


It has substantially reduced inequities in the health care system:

Five years after the Affordable Care Act took effect, the health-insurance overhaul has narrowed coverage gaps between the rich and poor, according to new research.

The health-care law erased 44% of the coverage gap between many poor Americans without health insurance and the few rich Americans without it, according to a study the National Bureau of Economic Research distributed on Monday. The law’s provisions, especially its broadening of Medicaid programs, closed coverage gap between whites and minorities by 27%.

Coverage disparities shrank by 45% between married and non-married Americans and by 44% across age groups, according to U.S. Census Bureau data crunched by researchers at University of Kentucky, the University of Pennsylvania and Georgia State University.

It’s one of the most ambitious downward redistributions of wealth ever passed by the US Congress, which is why Republicans hate it.

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