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HMS Furious-1.jpg
HMS Furious in 1917 in original condition, with 18″ gun aft and flight deck forward

In a two part series over at the National Interest, I summarize the history of efforts to build hybrid battleship-aircraft carriers.

Part I:

Almost as soon as navies began to contemplate the idea of aircraft-carrying warships, they started thinking about how to combine the virtues of the battleship and the aircraft carrier into a single large hull. For decades, usually with minimal success, navies would pursue the dream of a hybrid battleship-aircraft carrier.

Part II:

Indeed, the possibilities offered by new technologies kept generating proposals for new battlecarrier configurations for nearly as long as the last battleships remained in service. Even after the retirement of the last battleship, the idea of combining surface warships characteristics with aviation capabilities continues to entice major navies. 

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