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Trump Cannot Be Defeated Until the War on Heterosexuality Has Ended


It’s impossible to fully capture the flavor of this interview with a couple of Brooklyn-irony podcasters who are most definitely Leftier Than Thou, but since the particularly vulgar class-not-race stuff you can find anywhere I think this is my favorite bit:

‘Bret Easton Ellis said there could never be the great Millennial novel – we’ll see. I haven’t read that Sally Rooney book that everybody’s writing about’, Khachiyan says, referring to the Irish author’s breakthrough novel, Normal People, which focuses on a millennial relationship. Frost adds that she read the book ‘with the intent of savaging it’, because ‘all the Guardian feminists like her’, but found ‘there was a lot of good shit in there’. ‘I think the women who like it don’t understand why they do… women today aren’t allowed to want a traditional relationship’, she says. Khachiyan adds: ‘Which is what most people since the dawn of time have wanted… There’s nothing reactionary about wanting a boyfriend!’

Personally, I knew Clinton was cooked when she berated a young woman as a reactionary for going to prom with a man. And you know that if Warren or Harris wins the nomination, they will make sending teenage girls to be indoctrinated in lesbian polyamory the core message of their campaign. Glad we finally have people with the brave radicalism to stand up against the War on Heterosexuality!

Eventually, the quiet parts of class-not-race get said out loud:

‘There’s this idea that we live in a white supremacist country when we fundamentally don’t’, says Khachiyan…

Frost and Khachiyan have a Marxist [sic] understanding of race. ‘We invented race to justify exploitation’, says Frost. ‘Splitting people on the basis of race was used to morally justify slavery… Racial discourse was created after hyper-exploitation.’ But ever since, argues Frost, ‘When we tried to not be racist, we ended up using the same framework’, which today also lives on in identitarian form. ‘All “race” is, is that some people don’t sunburn. That’s the entirety of racial difference.’

“The way to stop discriminating on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race.” –John Roberts, Trump-curious podcasters who think they’re Marxists

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