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That’s What I Call Obscene


Gee, it sure is sad when a journalist can’t attend a Georgetown elite circle-jerk without getting some people making snarky comments on Twitter:

What would look really bad is if Dowd had just written multiple columns taking Pelosi’s side in an intraparty dispute!

Releatedly, Paul has a comment that could be similarly applied to many of the attendees of this Grand Soiree of Beltway starfucking:

Since then Friedman has written (or “written” — I assume most of the work is done by a bad computer program or a dozen research assistants working under heavy sedation) another 1,500 columns. Or rather the same column, more or less, 1,500 times.

Meanwhile every day a McDonald’s worker gets fired for showing up seven minutes late for a shift.

The meritocracy folks!

Alternative punchline: “The Aristocrats!”

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