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Next week DJT will receive a Doctorum Adamus cum Flabello Dulci from Unseen University


During Tuesday’s TPUSA TSAS, the trolling was coming from inside the house.

As the President took the stage Tuesday morning before a sea of 1,500 teenage cell phones,

The cell phones’ owners were teens, the age of the phones is unknown.

a screen behind him showed a fake presidential seal featuring a two-headed eagle — which bore similarity to the State seal of the Russian Federation — clutching a set of golf clubs in its talons. The seal was visible for a short time behind Trump, who stood behind a podium affixed with the official (and un-doctored) presidential seal for the duration of his speech.

The eagle is clutching a roll of dollar bills in the talons of its other foot and the banner reads “45 es un titere” (45 is a puppet). Talk about great optics!

The individual responsible, a member of TPUSA’s AV team, was let go in the wake of the incident. According to a source familiar with the event, the incident was just a terrible Google search mistake. TPUSA had event branding on the screens, but during a run through ahead of Trump’s remarks a few hours before the event, the team was told they had to change the branding to a presidential seal, prompting a search for a high quality image.

How was a patriotic American to figure out the difference between the real presidential shield and a fake in just a few hours? So unfair. And whoever it was can’t even get a few “I was the victim of mean nasty SJW’s” appearances out of it. Or can they?

“One of our video team members did a Google Image search for a high-res png (file) presidential seal,” a source familiar with the incident said, adding that the individual “did the search and with the pressure of the event, didn’t notice that it is a doctored seal.”

Watch the meatheads blow this up into another Googlespiracy because the seal wasn’t clearly labeled as fake.

In the meantime the diaper-fillers at TPUSA have learned that when the chips are down the White House will mix metaphors and throw them under the bus.

A White House official soundly pointed the finger at TPUSA for the mix-up.

“We never saw the seal in question before it appeared in the video. For anything further, you would need to contact Turning Point — it was their event,” the official told CNN.

I wonder if that person actually peed themselves a little or if the quote just makes it seem like they peed themselves a little.

At any rate, people who subject themselves to video of his speeches can look  forward to suspicious glances at whatever is on the screen behind him. At least until he forgets about the event.

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