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Good for the Jews


Check out this thread from Jake Tapper:

Note how Tapper simply transcribes the accusation (from Democratic members of Congress) that Omar and Tliab — who the president of the United States is at this moment trying to murder via incitement — are anti-Semites, as if it were an established fact.

I want to know who these miserable cowards Tapper is quoting anonymously are. Omar, Tliab, AOC, and Pressley now have almost literal targets on their backs, and these useless fucks are whining about somebody in Congress possibly saying something that could possibly be interpreted as support for BDS. I’m too disgusted for words, so take it away Nathan Goldwag:

People talk about how demography is destiny, about how the GOP’s base is old and dying out, about how liberal the next generations are, but my God. There’s three or four young, non-white progressive women in Congress and it’s driving half the country into derangement. The GOP is trying to start a goddamned pogrom and is screaming racial invective at entire communities while the Democrats throw tantrums about having to defend them at all. Tapper doesn’t even bother to say that she’s been “accused of antisemetism” or any such rot, he just takes it at face value that it’s true. Chris Mathews tonight was shouting about how Ayanna Pressley was practicing identity politics and how he wished Trump had chastised her for that. People are melting down over the very fact of these women’s existence and they don’t even have any power. Can you imagine how bad things are going to get if we actually do get Elizabeth Warren elected? Or if it actually ever looks like anyone under the age of eighty-seven might actually exercise power? I swear to God there’s going to be a coup.

I don’t know about you, but I know that for myself, I feel like the future security and well-being of the Jewish Community is best secured by a robust alliance of Sunni Extremists, White Nationalists, and Fundamentalist Christians. Anyone opposing this coalition, which seeks nothing but to defend the sacred honor of the Jewish People, must definitionally be an anti-semite.

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