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Bret Stephens was a whiny king, of him the harpers rudely sing

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This Independence Day please spare a thought for those who gave their lives standing up to the merciless hordes of politically correct identity politarians, or whatever uppity women and brown folks are called these days. Roy Edroso has written of the fate of Brett Stephens, who was mercilessly guillotined on Twitter. By drawing on his huge reserves of inner strength Stephens managed to write an opinion piece decrying the way he was treated.

This Fourth of July, let’s celebrate the true reason for the season — Bret Stephens’ hurt feelings.

You may recall Stephens was ratio’d into the stratosphere on Twitter last week over a column in which he posited Real Americans as those who neither spoke Spanish nor could stand hearing vile Democrats speak it. Later, claiming he was actually just portraying the sentiments of those ordinary Spanish-disdaining Americans (which, in addition to contradicting the plain meaning of what he actually wrote, was even more offensive), Stephens Twitter-tantrumed, claiming himself a victim of “moral bullying and progressive demagoguery.”

You’d think that’d be enough self-embarrassment for one theme, but Stephens has come back for more, and his editors, who must despise him, allow it.

You should also spare a thought for the people who read the output of people like Stephens all the way through so you don’t have to.

Someone pointed out that Stephens actually has a pretty good racket going.

First he writes an opinion piece that pisses off normal human beings.

Then he huffs and harumphs when the people he has pissed off tell him to piss off.

Then he writes a second piece about the mean nasty people who told him to piss off and how that makes them just like a bunch of nasty pantsless French revolutionairies and him just like Louis XIV, so there.

Not only does it pay well, the pattern of causing outrage with his outrage and then being outraged by the outrage significantly reduces the risk that he or his fans will be exposed to the only thing he fears more than Jacobins: an original idea.

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