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Marianne Williamson is an anti-vaxx fat shaming grifter


It’s a disgrace that this classic American ripoff artist was up on that stage last night. She’s the closest thing to a Democratic version of Donald Trump, so let’s say a New Age prayer that she continues to be considered a joke by voters.

It’s a dangerous kind of joke: this story catalogs some of the nonsense she’s monetized over the years.

The piece does feature an unfortunate conflation, which given Williamson’s history of fat shaming is worth pointing out:

For years, Williamson, Hay, and others told gay men that they could cure themselves if only they would properly visualize themselves getting well. Not just gay men, of course; people with cancer and other terminal illnesses, people struggling with obesity, people with chronic health conditions—to all of these, Williamson and her ilk said that they had the power to heal themselves, science be damned.

Being fat is not a disease. Williamson is treating being fat not as analogous to being gay, but rather to having AIDS. In other words, she’s the fat shaming equivalent of a gay conversion therapist. Of course this makes her indistinguishable from 10,000 other diet book authors, but it’s good that people like Erin Biba are pointing out that doing so is just as much a part of Williamson’s anti-science grifting for dollars as all the anti-vaxx-you-can- cure-cancer-with-positive-thinking garbage that she’s turned into a fortune.

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