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Disingenuously Like A Martyr


Here’s another example of what Paul discussed here:

And it’s not just that they won, but had they “lost” 1)Kavanaugh still would still have had a life-tenured position on the second-most powerful court in the country and 2)another hack would would cast virtually identical votes would have been confirmed to the Supreme Court. But the Republican Persecution Complex Industrial Complex is insatiable.

Highly relevant here it Lili Loofbourow’s superb recent piece:

But when it comes to sexual assault, ditching emotion and sticking to facts isn’t as easy as it sounds, for the simple reason that feelings have already clouded what we can know. Sympathy and suspicion—for suspects and victims, respectively—factor powerfully into every aspect of how law enforcement deals with sexual crimes, fogging up the numbers or erasing them altogether. When you look for facts, what you find is that the few we have are woefully insufficient. Sexual assault is massively underreported, and even when victims come forward, convictions are rare. According to RAINN, only 5 out of every 1,000 rapes committed—that’s 0.5 percent—ends in a felony conviction. The Washington Post puts the figure at 7 out of 1,000, but pretty much everyone agrees it’s under 1 percent. We usually try to make sense of this painfully low number by noting that many rapes aren’t reported, which is true, but the crime is also notoriously under-investigated.

Read the whole etc.

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