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What are the odds that Trump-worshiping anti-Semite Ben Garrison is also an anti-vaxxer?


Trick question.

America has gone vaccine crazy. The big pharmaceutical companies heavily advertise them. The ‘authorities’ controlling medicine and government want more them—and increasingly, they want to make them mandatory. Flu shots are constantly pushed. The CDC and hospitals recommend more and more vaccines for babies. When I was born, children received 3 vaccines at the most. Now it’s 72   throughout childhood. Is it just a coincidence that autism has risen commensurately? For those who refuse all vaccines, the autism rate is 1 in 10,000. For the victims enduring the CDC battery of injected poisons, it is 1 in 60. European countries have shown a bit more inoculation restraint, and therefore their autism rate is correspondingly lower.

Note: All the above statistics are fabricated.

Americans have been way too trusting and gullible when it comes vaccines. The corporate media and government authorities know they can get people to go along with most anything if they use the word ‘science.’ They’re doing it now with climate change. “It’s settled science,” they tell us over and over. It’s not settled—they are lying to us. Beto wants to spend $4 trillion on climate change. That’s tax money taken away from families who need that money a lot more than Beto does.  Few got to vote when fluoride (a poison) got dumped into our drinking water.

Fluoride lowers IQs and makes people docile. Police states love that. GMO foods have been added to our shelves and lobbyists made sure the packages didn’t even have to be labeled. They said ‘the science was settled,’ and while GMO food kills bugs, it is somehow A-OK for us humans to eat, because Monsanto said so.

Right-wing paranoia: Protecting our precious bodily fluids since 1945.

To be scrupulously fair, there remains a significant moronic convergence between the right and the dumbass left on these topics. (Dr. Jill Stein says hello, and thank you for your tax-deductible contribution).

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