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Rhode Island’s Moral Rot


Rhode Island basically has the moral rot of Mississippi, but no one talks about it because we vote for Democrats. But in this state, Democrat means “I want power.” So it means nothing. I’ve discussed this frequently. Now, this is in the news right now because of Warwick lunch-shaming kids whose parents can’t pay their lunch fees. Simon discussed this earlier. But Rhode Island is full of special people. Right now, for instance, the Rhode Island GOP filed an ethics claim against a state senator because this senator is also a teacher and thus a union member. And she supported a union-backed bill for continuing contracts after their expiration date, which undermines cities ability to engage in union-busting. Now, uh, do you think the Republican Party would support this as applied to business. “You own a business and you supported a bill backed by the Chamber of Commerce. You committed an ethics violation.” But hey, these are unions and thus the world’s greatest evil.

And then there’s this rash of insanity in western Rhode Island:

A crowd of supporters erupted into applause Wednesday night as the West Greenwich Town Council voted to declare itself a “2nd Amendment sanctuary,” following the example of two other Rhode Island towns.

The council approved the resolution 4-1, which states the town’s police department will “exercise sound discretion” when enforcing gun-related laws. It also states the town will not pay for the storage of weapons that are seized if gun control legislation – banning specific firearms – is passed.

“It’s not that everybody out here has guns,” Town Administrator Kevin Breene said. “But they’ve got pride. They’ve got a right to live here. They’ve got a right to not have somebody crawling down their throat every single minute.”

Republican State Senator Elaine Morgan is leading this charge. Earlier this month, she called on all of the towns she represents, including West Greenwich, to pass the resolutionBurrillville and Hopkinton have already approved similar resolutions.

“We’re law-abiding citizens and we need to take a stand,” Sen. Morgan (R) said.

The one member of the West Greenwich Town Council to vote against the resolution argued the town is bound to uphold state law.

“We are a civil society,” Council Vice President Linda Rekas-Sloan said. “The law is what the law is, and if you want to change it, you change the people over at the state house. That’s how it works.”

The law? Free and fair elections. Fucking hippies. How about some guns and voter suppression instead? That’s real America.

Rhode Island is a very strange place.

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