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This is the grave of Thomas Dorr. Born in 1805 in Providence, Dorr grew up in a wealthy family of the Industrial Revolution. His father was a big time textile manufacturer and had his own mill town. So Dorr had all the luxuries, for the early 19th century anyway. That included being sent to Phillips […]
This post is a conversation between myself and Patrick Crowley, Secretary-Treasurer of the Rhode Island AFL-CIO and staffer for the National Education Association-Rhode Island, about organized labor and the response to COVID-19. EL: The first bailout provided at least some workers with $1200 per person. But that’s far less than is needed for people to […]
I found this highly telling. Over the years, I've received thousands of letters from kids from every state in the nation, except for one! I'd love to change that. If you know someone who lives in #RhodeIsland, have them write me a letter at Smokey Bear, Washington, D.C. 20252. We can do this, RI! pic.twitter.com/ihlGdIvKUP […]
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