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Just what this party needed (Update)


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Does the Democratic field need another subpar white man? No, but it’s getting one.

Rep. Replace Nancy Pelosi with TBA (D-Mass.) has decided he wasn’t sufficiently beclowned after his attempt to replace Nancy Pelosi with TBA.

Rep. Seth Moulton (D-MA) is the latest white male candidate to join the massive Democratic primary field for president, billing himself as a young outsider with fresh ideas and military experience.
Moulton, a Marine Corps veteran, three-term Congress member from the Bay State, and outspoken opponent of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, made his presidential bid official in a video released today.
“Ask anyone who’s lost their job to a changing economy or a child to opioids or has to choose between heat and food in the winter, they’re feeling forgotten,” Moulton said. “We need to restore our moral authority in everything we do. Whether it’s appointing a Cabinet member, negotiating a treaty or signing an executive order, I will always uphold America’s values.”
He’s entering a large primary field as an outsider candidate. The 40-year-old Moulton is leaning heavily on his youth and military service, calling for a new generation of leadership in the White House. It’s a similar message to when he and others tried to recruit a Pelosi challenger earlier this year.

He can’t negotiate his way out of a paper bag, but … he’s young.

An update, courtesy of Mr. Campos

Some fun facts from the list of official list of 2020 candidates:
Mike Gravel was elected to the Senate on the same day Richard Nixon was first elected to the presidency.

During the first quarter of 2019 people gave Marianne Williamson $1.5 million to run for president. If you’re a political grifter, those are the Glengarry leads.

Hmmm. I could use a new revenue stream. But how to remove my pesty conscience and sense of shame?

The critical shortage of white guys in the Democratic field will be ameliorated this week with two more contenders joining the field: Joe Biden and Michael Bennet.


Donald Trump officially announced he was running for re-election on the same day he was inaugurated. It was his first official act after taking the oath of office.

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