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So….as you may know, Noam Chomsky blurbed my strikes book. That was pretty amazing, but of course people blurb books all the time and Chomsky is well known for being willing to give his valuable time for blurbs. That in itself is pretty amazing for someone like that (Bill McKibben is another incredibly generous person for someone who is so famous and busy).

But Amy Goodman has an hour-long interview with Chomsky on today’s episode of Democracy Now. And at the 47 minute mark, out of nowhere, Chomsky starts talking about how much he loves my book, especially the connections I make where I note that there are no major moments in American history where strikes have succeeded if the government and business conspire to crush them. I make that point to push back against people on the labor left who say “Quit playing politics and just organize!” which just makes no sense. But to influence someone like Noam Chomsky? I mean, that’s just amazing to me.

Here’s the clip. pic.twitter.com/HgsdrDL5zs— Brett Banditelli (@banditelli) April 18, 2019

So, yeah, I’d say this is a good day for me. And look, if it’s good enough for Noam, it’s good enough for you to buy.

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