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To the Streets


There was a huge pro-vote-on-the-actual-Brexit-deal-not-the-unicorn-bullshit protest in London today:

Anti-Brexit protesters flooded into central London by the hundreds of thousands on Saturday, demanding that Britain’s Conservative-led government hold a new referendum on whether Britain should leave the European Union.

The “People’s Vote March” snaked from Park Lane and other locations to converge on the U.K. Parliament, where the fate of Brexit will be decided in the coming weeks.

Marchers carried European Union flags and signs praising the longstanding ties between Britain and continental Europe. The protest drew people from across Britain who are determined to force Prime Minister Theresa May’s government to alter its march toward Brexit.

Meanwhile, this is an excellent thread about the ridiculous argument that democracy requires that the first, simple majority-vote, bad question, and grossly misleading campaign be held as a inviolable statement about the Will of the People:

A second vote with a public much better informed about what the Brexiteers are actually offering is by far the best option.

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