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Today in Russian Ratfucking Troofer Hot Takes


Now this is the stuff:

The key troofer move is to just memory hole their denial that Russia interfered with the election at all, and to instead focus on the strongest claims of Trump-Russia conspiracy. After all, if you never stop moving the goalposts, you’re always vindicated! Incontinentia Buttocks gets at the crucial dynamic of the denialist set here:

Their most cherished conviction, such as it is, is that the sole responsibility for Trump’s victory lies with Hillary Clinton, the Worst. Candidate. Ever., who only got the nomination because the primary was totally rigged by the invidious Democratic Party. And anything that disagrees with this story — or even simply concerns something else — is not only, by definition, false, it is also, by definition, nothing more or less than an attempt to change the subject from the only thing that matters in politics: the awfulness of the Democratic Party and the shrill, wicked, and neoliberal Hillary Rodham Clinton.

And there are also people who think of themselves as being on the left who were already buying Putin’s propaganda for years before 2016. So you have outfits like The Nation, which isn’t really anti-anti-Trump, but is totally invested in Putin apologia for other reasons. And, of course, RT and more covert Russian propaganda outlets are deeply invested in this, too.

All of this makes denialism about the Russian role in the election even more vociferous than, say, Comey letter denialism or misogyny denialism, both of which are also part of the it’s-all-about-Clinton (boo hiss) worldview.

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