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Men With Nothing to Hide


Fake cow suer Devin Nunes of course supports a fully transparent investigation…of the Obama administration:

Anyway, we can be 100% sure that the report Trump is not talking about and his lickspittles are preemptively deriding as “partisan” while arguing it should kept from the public 100% exonerates Trump! I see no flaws in this analysis.

Meanwhile, when they open the Projection is Hell of a Drug Hall of Fame this will go in on the first ballot:

Yes, truly noble work the anti-anti Trump “left” was doing trying to save silly Democrats focused on irrelevant trivia like healthcare and Social Security to pay attention to the real issues, like the time CNN made an immediately corrected error in a story about the “scandal” of an authoritarian petrostate intervening on behalf of the presidential campaign of a fellow white nationalist authoritarian.

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