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And Now Beto


Among people who could conceivably be the Democratic nominee, Biden is the only remaining outstanding question:

These have all seemed like the moves of a recently unknown man building a narrative for his coming fame. Today, the former congressman from Texas made his candidacy official. It seems that O’Rourke will now tend to that growing fame by crisscrossing the icy, fallow fields of Iowa.

Since his November 2018 Senate loss to Ted Cruz, O’Rourke has been one of the most-buzzed-about potential candidates in the 2020 Democratic field. That excitement could help propel him to the top of the primary heap, but first he’ll need to prove that he can run — and endure — a national campaign.

O’Rourke, a three-term congressman, only truly captured national attention in the last year or so. He lost to Cruz by less than 3 percentage points, but his campaign was notable for how close he came to winning in deeply Republican Texas. If there’s an elevator pitch for O’Rourke’s presidential candidacy, that’s more or less it: “I came this close to turning Texas blue. Imagine what I could do nationally.”

He wouldn’t be one of my first three choices, but between his fundraising ability and political talent he certainly could win a race nobody is close to running away with.

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