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Klobuchar’s Mistreatment of Employees Is a Legitimate Issue


I’ve seen some pushback on Twitter to this carefully reported piece about Amy Klobuchar’s apparently justified reputation for being a terrible boss, in some cases I’m guessing from people who didn’t read the article. A couple points:

  • Redden and Terkel are first-rate reporters, and you’ll note that they acknowledge the possibility of sexism coloring some evaluations of Klobuchar. They also point out, in addition to the many people saying that she’s a terrible boss, data showing that she has an extraordinary rate of turnover.
  • One really obvious problem with the assumption that this story is merely sexism is that fact that two other women currently serving in the Senate, one of whom has been on Congress for more than decade and the other who had a major state executive position, are running for president and stories about them being terrible bosses haven’t surfaced.
  • Her treatment of employees is absolutely a legitimate issue for someone running for the country’s top executive position.
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