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The Kaiser’s Super-Dreadnoughts


Hochseeflotte 2.jpg
Battleships that were never built are one of my very favorite subjects...

The Kaiserliche Marine faced twenty-one British super-dreadnoughts and four modern battlecruisers, along with another thirteen American super-dreadnoughts. Both the British and the Americans threw themselves into post-war construction, with the latter planning seven more battleships and six battlecruisers, and the former four battleships and four battlecruisers. Having won the war, Germany would have immediately faced a very threatening maritime environment.

In addition to the technical data about the battleships, I muse a bit about what post-war arms control arrangements might have looked like if the Germans had won the war. Long story short, I think it looks pretty ugly; the US, UK, Germany, and Japan would really struggle to come up with something similar to the Washington Naval Treaty, with the consequence that all four build a lot of really expensive battleships in the 1920s.

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