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Justin Fairfax and Vanessa Tyson


Vanessa Tyson has released a statement about her encounter with Justin Fairfax.

Warning: contains a graphic description of sexual violence.

I really just don’t know what to say at this point.

OK I’ll say this: being a rapist is about a thousand times worse than wearing blackface to a party 35 years ago, although the latter act is far from trivial of course.  And somebody holding a high public office who says “fuck that bitch” when confronted with a charge of first degree sexual assault isn’t somebody who should be holding high public office, even if the charge should happen to be wholly false (which for what it’s worth I think is extremely improbable).

Also Donald Trump, serial sexual assaulter among many other things, is president of the United States and 40% of the population is totally OK with a serial sexual assaulter being president of the United States.

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