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I’ve Recorded In Denmark


Bret Stephens has some good old-fashioned red-baiting for you:

It’s all as specious as hackneyed as you’d suspect — his support for the implication that Ocasio-Cortez supports Maduro-like policies consists of statements from a couple other people, one of whom has repudiated them. Does he haul the Thatcher “other people’s money” quote out of the mothballs for the millionth time? I think you know the answer!

But particularly hilarious is his attempt to pre-empt the very obvious response that what Ocasio-Cortez is proposing milder versions of policies already in place in Scandinavia, as opposed to, say, looting the treasury through currency manipulation while imposing extreme austerity on the rest of the population:

Or so goes a line of argument that insists socialism’s good name shouldn’t be tarred by the results of experience. On Venezuela, what you’re likelier to read is that the crisis is the product of corruption, cronyism, populism, authoritarianism, resource-dependency, U.S. sanctions and trickery, even the residues of capitalism itself. Just don’t mention the S-word because, you know, it’s working really well in Denmark.

If you click the Denmark link, you’ll see…not evidence that Denmark’s system isn’t working well, but some Danes denying that their system is socialist. But we know Ocasio-Cortez’s model is Maduro because…she is proposing more conservative versions of policies in place in Denmark. OK. Let us briefly dramatize this routine:

Conservative pundit: “There’s nothing remotely socialist about Denmark.”
A O-C: “OK, whatever, I propose we enact Denmark’s taxation levels, social welfare policies, and labor law.”
CP: “Why do you support Stalin’s indiscriminate killing of doctors?”

It’s safe to say King of Punditry is out of his depth.

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