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This well oiled machine shall be called Griftbot* 2020

*Must Credit Oliver Wills for “Griftbot” Photo by Franck V. on Unsplash

The RNC has hitched its wagon to a star that can do anything it wants.

President Donald Trump is planning to roll out an unprecedented structure for his 2020 reelection, a streamlined organization that incorporates the Republican National Committee and the president’s campaign into a single entity.

It’s a stark expression of Trump’s stranglehold over the Republican Party: Traditionally, a presidential reelection committee has worked in tandem with the national party committee, not subsumed it.

It would be far more accurate to call it another exhibition of fully consensual autoerotic asphyxiation, but Politico has an image to maintain: The image that the GOP is anything other than 100% supportive of DJT, and that anyone in that crew has any plans beyond: 1. Smash.
2. Grab.

If the RNC didn’t want to play human centipede with the DOPUS all they had to do was tell him it would require so much work that he’d have to give up golf and spend a lot of time in meetings. But it didn’t and now people are pretending that he planned anything beyond the name.

Under the plan, which has been in the works for several weeks,

That’s one week of actual planning and several weeks of getting Rumpledthinskin to understand the PLN in a way that allowed him to think it was all his idea.

the Trump reelection campaign and the RNC will merge their field and fundraising programs into a joint outfit dubbed Trump Victory.

T.V. for short. But that’s a complete coincidence and not at all a reference to the way he spends most of his time!

The two teams will also share office space rather than operate out of separate buildings, as has been custom.

To be clear, the two teams will be RNC drones who do some work and members of Team tRump, who will goof around, sell off the furniture when no one is looking, and spend a lot of time meeting with their lawyers. But for now, both teams are selling this as a new frontier in efficiency.


The goal is to create a single, seamless organization that moves quickly, saves resources, and — perhaps most crucially — minimizes staff overlap and the kind of infighting that marked the 2016 relationship between the Trump campaign and the party. While a splintered field of Democrats fight for the nomination, Republicans expect to gain an organizational advantage.


“We are going to streamline this presidential campaign like no presidential campaign has been streamlined before,” said Chris Carr, a veteran party strategist who has been tapped to serve as political director on the Trump reelection effort.

Speaking to the departure from presidential campaign tradition, RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel called it “the biggest, most efficient and unified campaign operation in American history.”

I’m sure it will be very efficient at funneling cash to Cheetolini’s pockets, generating clusterfucks and providing fodder for those 3 a.m. Tweetertantrumps. I’m not sure how long unity will last past the first and inevitable squabble over money, but it will be fun to watch. Because the move will keep campaign funds out of the hands of any Republican challengers It also further illustrates how committed the GOP is to keeping him in office despite the occasional grave expression and mild disagreement from members of Congress.

There is another benefit as well: With talk of a primary challenge to Trump simmering, the act of formally tying the president’s reelection campaign to the resource-rich national party will make it only harder for would-be Republican opponents to mount a bid.

In other words, the GOP has hitched its wagon to a red dwarf.

Party officials are in talks about how to finance the apparatus and who will lead the fundraising effort. Trump aides are looking to build out high- and low-dollar fundraising and bundling programs, and they say the president may return to the donor circuit in the coming months.

That Orangey McRagey would spend a lot of time asking for money was a given before A.G. Underwood dropped the hammer on the family’s charity scam. I’m surprised Operation T.V. isn’t based in rented space in the Hotel du Grift in D.C. or the golf club out in Virginia. I know he wouldn’t want the people who attend his rallies trampling the carpets of his country clubs, but expect various tRump properties to be the site of $10,000 a plate dinners.

And if we’re really lucky, the spectacle of at least one member of the GOP’s shiny new super efficient election victory team being lead away in handcuffs.

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