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With Republicans about to lose the House majority, they had to take one last attempt to do the one thing that unites all Republicans–giving money to rich people. But the way this happened is the best. So, there was a bill to expand the boundaries of the National Park site at Shiloh. Good idea. Unlike most Civil War battles, this was in the middle of nowhere and it still is the middle of nowhere, so there’s little reason not to take opportunities to expand it to look something like the actual parameters of the battlefield. But what kind of priority is that compared to more tax cuts. So the GOP hijacked the bill and made into a tax bill, all while gratuitously stripping everything concerned Shiloh out. What does this giveaway look like?

The bill – minus the boundary expansion plans for the Battle of Shiloh in Tennessee – includes tax relief for those dealing with hurricane damage in Florida, Georgia, Hawaii and North Carolina, wildfires in California; it also delays major tax provisions on the Obama health law, includes IRS reforms, provisions on retirement and family savings, and other technical corrections to the big GOP tax law approved at the end of 2017.

The Republicans plan targets four different taxes from the Obama health law, repealing the tax on indoor tanning services, extending the moratorium on the medical device tax, further delaying the tax on high cost health insurance plans, and continuing the suspension of fees on health insurance providers.


Luckily, it was so awful, that the bill died. But this is what GOP governance is all about.

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