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We Hate Our Paying Customers


Let’s check on Dan Snyder, shall we? The Washington [Racist Names] have been in first place in their division for most of the year. Their #1 QB, however, broke his leg. Yet the team has been adamant that it will not sign the best QB available for political reasons. Instead, they have started infamous bust Colt McCoy. Only McCoy also broke his leg, meaning that the Snyders finished out a critical division game with…the Sanchize! Let’s do a comparison here:

McCoy 27 GS 6.0 AY/A 29 TD/26 INT

Sanchize 72 GS 5.7 AY/A 86 TD/87 INT

Kaepernick 58 GS 7.3 AY/A 72 TD/30 INT

This is…not close! And as for the most recent semi-excuse offered for NFL teams — “OK, maybe he was blackballed, but now it’s rational not to sign him because he’s rusty” — this has also been conveniently revealed to be complete bullshit. Here is a comprehensive list of games McCoy and Sanchez had started since Kaepernick last played before being handed jobs this year:

McCoy was last a regular starter for the 2011 Cleveland Browns, who went 4-12. Sanchez was last a regular starter 6-10 2012 Jets. So, sorry, this rationalization just collided with the lineman’s ass. And, of course, it’s even worse than that. While the Snyders consider peaceful protests of police violence beyond the pale, here’s what they are perfectly fine with:

The circumstances surrounding Reuben Foster and Colin Kaepernick have basically zero similarities, except that one is employed and the other is not, and the franchise that decided to immediately snap up an accused domestic abuser before the ink was dry on his booking sheet also hired Mark Sanchez — who is basically a walking punchline as a quarterback — while sneering in Kaepernick’s general direction.

Connecting these two cases isn’t a reach. The Washington Redskins decide who is on their roster and who is not. Tuesday, they decided Foster, arrested over the weekend for the second time on a domestic violence charge, was worthy of their employ. Last week — and, honestly, probably a year or more ago — they decided Kaepernick, who has knelt for the national anthem in an effort to bring attention to police brutality and other issues that disproportionately affect African Americans, was not.

Where to start?

As an organization, an NFL team has a chance to set an example of what’s good and right. That could be because you conjure up a behind-the-scenes marketing strategy to win over your fan base, or because you possess an actual moral compass. Either way, your fans and your community would understand they can trust your motives and your moves.

The Redskins don’t do that. Ever. They’re shady at best, vile at worst. Tuesday night, they issued a statement attributed to Doug Williams, the senior vice president of player personnel, outlining why they made the waiver claim that brought Foster into their fold just two days after he was cut by San Francisco because of his latest arrest. If I didn’t know better, I’d think Williams was handed a sheet of paper with “his” words written on them and then told, “We’re saying you said this,” and he either had to accept those conditions or quit.

Speaking of contempt of a more routine variety, we could talk about the Mariners trading Jean Segura for a Gritty doll and a half-dozen Subway cheesesteaks, but we’ll leave that to another post.

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