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A correction to the correction

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A post-script to the NRO’s latest adventure in rake-stepping. First they tried to salvage the situation with a new headline.

Being Bigger Than the Person You’re Asking Out Deemed Title IX Violation

Which would have been enough to set the evo-psych types a gibbering about male-female size differences and persecution and lobsters.

However, the gap between reality and what the article claimed is so wide that they had to admit that the whole thing was a sham. Sort of like their Against Trump declarations, but with a much shorter shelf-life.

Editor’s Note: This article and its headline originally stated that a male student at the University of Missouri was found in violation of Title IX because he asked a female student on a date and “was perceived as having power over her.” The article accurately quoted the deposition of the Title IX case, but it left out relevant details.

Like everything.

In fact, the male student had made repeated, unwelcome advances toward the female student and was found in violation of Title IX for stalking her. He is suing the university and alleging that its Title IX office engaged in arbitrary enforcement and racial discrimination, but his lawsuit does not contest the fact pattern left out of this article.


They’re so chagrined that they retracted the article in the same way they stood against DJT.

We are retracting the article and we regret the error. The article, including the the initial editor’s note, is below.

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