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Armistice Day

Wladiwostok Parade 1918.jpg
US, British, French, and Japanese troops on parade in Vladivostok, September 1918

The centenary of the end of the First World War is getting coverage in a lot of different places, some because the President of the United States is a disgrace to the human race, and some for good reasons.  I have a short piece on the Diplomat about great power competition after World War I in East Asia:

Today, the world celebrates the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War. Although the end of the war had little immediate practical impact in East Asia, where the bulk of fighting had ended some years previously, the armistice inevitably opened a discussion of the new global security order. With Russia broken, Austria-Hungary gone, and Germany tamed, East Asia seemed the most likely arena for great power competition.

Some other things worthy of your notice:

My favorite book on World War I remains Rules of the Game, Andrew Gordon’s deep dive into the roots of the Royal Navy’s performance at the Battle of Jutland. For a good, multinational account of the performance of military organizations in WWI, I still recommend the first volume of Millett and Murray’s Military Effectiveness. I have a few books on the shelf that I’m hoping to get to in the near future:

Regarding this last, the Army War College has a wonderful, detailed set of displays on the US component of the anti-Bolshevik intervention in the Soviet Union at the end of World War I. Includes a hallway full of rare photographs, maps, posters, and primary documents.

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