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It’s Almost as Though “Pro-Life” Advocates Aren’t


Supposed “pro-life” advocates in the Ohio legislature are advocating killing women and doctors.

Flexing their renewed majority in Ohio’s House of Representatives, Republican lawmakers last week passed a number of pieces of staunchly conservative legislation. Those included a potential law co-sponsored by Republicans Ron Hood and Christina Hagan that would outlaw abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected — as soon as six weeks after conception.

But another bill in the House also co-sponsored by Hood, along with fellow Republican A. Nino Vitale, is even more conservative.

HB 565 would seek to abolish abortion in the state of Ohio by stipulating that both doctors providing abortions and women seeking them could be slapped with criminal charges for doing so. The bill would also define a fetus as “an unborn person,” opening the door to murder charges that could carry life in prison or even death penalty specifications for the woman or her doctor. There would be no exceptions for rape, incest or for pregnancies that threaten the health of the mother.

The intellectual consistency is very impressive.


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