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What Else Is There to Say?

Vote…if you haven’t been disenfranchised.

If it seems like I’m silent for long periods of time it’s because sometimes I’m at a loss for words. Today’s issues make pop culture notes and snarky entries about how stupid “The Federalist” is seem small and unimportant. Then there’s the problem with real life being literally beyond parody.

I do think it’s good and healthy to let politics go for minutes at time, which is why I have a post on film planned, but right now I just feel tired and anxious, and November 6 still feels eons away. So much hinges on its results and it’s putting knots in my stomach, especially because I know Republicans will cheat to win.

This is an extremely depressing read by Tom Scocca. I hope that some of its sting is lessened on November 7.

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